Being Her Friend (short) Passports (short) Settling (short) Let There Be Peace (short) Goodwoman (short)

Being Her Friend

Two wounded souls who form an unlikely friendship in the ward of a 72-hour suicide watch. A bittersweet story about friendship and loss.

Directed by Eva Chen

Written by Christina Jun

Produced by Chenge Zhang

Starring: Cayla Brady, Michael Cline


Tanya returns after six wild years of traveling abroad. To help her settle in, her mom and grandma set her up on a bizarre online date.

Written, Produced, and Directed by Adam Linkenhelt and Jeremy Pion-Berlin.

Starring: Ekeobong Utibe, Tom Fugedi, Darlene L. Hampton, Monique Geri Wildee, Francesca De Luca, Coty Galloway, Allison Sharpe, Penny Pollak 

The Settling

Torn between his past and future, a husband is forced to say goodbye to his wife and children while spending one last weekend at their family cabin.

Director: David Russell
Producers: Brad Douglas, Mark Baird
Writers: David Russell; Story by Brad Douglas
John T. Woods, Hannah Barefoot , Lindsae Klein, Dylan Hall, Bill Valentine , Amara Ketchum

Let There Be Peace

This a film about changing yourself for a better world.

Directed by Donald Watson
Written by C. Richard Miles
Produced by Donald Watson & Jackie Lee

Starring: Donald Watson, Julie Brett




Wrongfully arrested for filming the police during a benign incident with a homeless person, Debra Goodman takes on the NYPD and city of New York in an attempt to enshrine a person's legal right to film the police.

Directed and Produced by Chris Fiore